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Conferences Slide Decks 

IBCSG Slide Decks from the ASCO Annual Meeting

For the IBCSG Slide Decks from the ASCO Annual Meeting, please login to the IBCSG website.

IBCSG Slide Deck from ESMO 2017 Congress

Below pleas find the ESMO 2017 slide decks in English, realised with support by Eli Lilly.
IBCSG_ESMO_2017_English.pptx (1.01 MB)
IBCSG_ESMO_2017_English.pdf (761 KB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_French.pptx (1.02 MB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_French.pdf (765 KB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_German.pptx (1.07 MB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_German.pdf (751 KB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Italian.pptx (1.07 MB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Italian.pdf (742 KB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Japanese.pptx (1.06 MB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Japanese.pdf (996 KB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Spanish.pptx (1.01 MB)
IBCSG ESMO 2017_Spanish.pdf (760 KB)


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