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About IBCSG 

IBCSG conducts academic clinical trials in early breast cancer, while respecting highest scientific and ethical standards. The patients are at the center of its considerations: the patient’s welfare and quality of life are important research topics.

IBCSG is dedicated to innovative clinical cancer research designed to improve the outcome of women with breast cancer. The goal of clinical research within IBCSG is to find answers to key questions. We wish to give our patients a longer survival, if we fail to cure, a longer symptom free period after the primary treatment and eventually to improve their quality of life.

IBCSG has been and continues to be a pioneer in research into combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies and quality of life of breast cancer patients. The most recent generation of trials in the adjuvant setting is addressing the issue of targeting treatment for subgroups of patients (e.g. young patients with tumors expressing steroid hormone receptors [SOFT and TEXT] and postmenopausal women who have completed 4 to 6 years of adjuvant endocrine therapy [SOLE]). In addition, IBCSG expands its research into neoadjuvant treatment [TREND] as well as chemotherapy and targeted biological therapy for advanced disease [SNAP, PANACEA, PYTHIA]. Recently, the group has developed a program for young, premenopausal breast cancer therapy  with special focus on issues of fertility and childbearing (HOHO, POSITIVE).


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RACE FOR LIFE - mit Power gegen Krebs am 3. September 2017 in Bern  

The next IBCSG Annual Meeting will take place in Barcelona, Spain on March 23 and 24, 2018

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