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It will be 40 years now IBCSG has been dedicated to researching ways of treating breast cancer with the aim of improving the treatment options and the quality of life of women affected by this disease.

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The IBCSG pioneers research in combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies and quality of life of breast cancer patients. The latest generation of trials in the adjuvant setting addresses tailored treatment for subgroups of patients, as we also expand our research into neoadjuvant treatment and chemotherapy for advanced disease. In addition to clinical trials, we conduct extensive programs in translational research, database studies, quality of life and statistical methodology. IBCSG strives to conduct clinical trials at the highest level of knowledge in breast cancer medicine, trial methodology, data handling, and ethical conduct.

The IBCSG is a cooperative international group with demonstrated success conducting collaborative clinical trials. The IBCSG has coordinated 33 clinical trials since 1977; 5 are currently open and enrolling patients. The IBCSG clinical database of closed trials is available for subgroup analyses or analyses pooling data from several trials to evaluate specific hypotheses. More than 34,800 patients have participated in IBCSG-coordinated clinical trials as of December 2015. 


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IBCSG is proud to contribute nine abstracts to the upcoming San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

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