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Research Network 

International Cooperation in the treatment of Breast Cancer


IBCSG’s dynamic, interactive network consists of other cooperative groups as well as individual Centers. We conduct trials with up to 500 Participating Centers from 5 continents, involving both major university-affiliated research sites and smaller community health sector institutions. Our group motto, “one for all and all for one,” reflects the loyalty that guides our worldwide collaboration between the different bodies of the IBCSG and the Centers. This spirit has grown on the basis of a friendship amongst a group of dedicated researchers with the singular goal of serving women with breast cancer.

Recognizing that global partnership is essential to advancing breast cancer research, a consortium of International Cooperative Groups formed the Breast International Group   (http://www.bigagainstbreastcancer.org) in 1996. As a founding member, IBCSG played a key role in the formation of the organization and continues to actively coordinate and participate in BIG- trials.

BIG encompasses 60 member groups worldwide, which are breast cancer focused collaborative research groups or data centres. Some BIG groups are regional, some are national and several are international. Each is associated with several to several hundred member hospitals and investigators. This represents several thousand institutions worldwide. About 30 clinical trials are run or are under development under the BIG umbrella at any one time. BIG also works closely with the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the North American Breast Cancer Group (NABCG), so that together they act as a strong integrating force in the breast cancer research arena.


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