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IBCSG 34-05 / SWOG 0230 (POEMS) 

Phase III of LHRH analog administration during chemotherapy to reduce ovarian failure following chemotherapy in early stage, hormone-receptor breast cancer

Prevention Of Early Menopause Study - POEMS


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Note: Participation in an adjuvant treatment trial does not, in general, exclude patients from POEMS.
If you would like to register patients from IBCSG 22-00 also into POEMS, those randomized into Arm A of IBCSG 22-00 would be eligible. Only patients randomized to the maintenance therapy arm would not be eligible for POEMS. Patients could, therefore, only participate in both studies if, following randomization to the standard arm, a one week delay before starting chemotherapy (which is required if randomized to the intervention arm on POEMS) is permissible.

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Study Chairs
IBCSG: Dr. Kelly-Anne Phillips - Melbourne, Australia
SWOG: Dr. Halle C. F. Moore - Cleveland, USA

Prof. RIchard Gelber

Trial Coordinators
Ann Lange, Emma Macdonald
Frontier Science (Scotland) Ltd.
Grampian View
Kincraig, Kingussie
PH21 1NA
Phone: +44 1540 651 000
Fax: +44 1540 651 007
Email: s0230@frontier-science.co.uk

Date of Activation
March 15, 2006

Targeted Accrual
416 patients

Results Publications Results & Publications


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