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FFPE Material Shipment 

Postal Address


IBCSG Central Pathology Office
European Institute of Oncology, EIO/IEO
Attn. S. Andrighetto / E. Benini
Division of Pathology
Via Ripamonti 435
20141 Milano

Email: pathology.ibcsg@ieo.it
Fax: +39 02 94 37 92 94
Tel: +39 02 57 48 99 28

Trial specific:
IBCSG 24-02 to 26-02 (STP)

FFPE Shipment Recommendations / Commercial invoice

To prevent problems at customs, we recommend that you declare the packages appropriately, and send a commercial invoice together with the package. The following phrase can be used to declare the material: "Inactivated human tissue material for research purposes". A commercial invoice can be downloaded here.

Commercial invoice 


Please ensure that the blocks and slides are carefully packed as otherwise they could easily get damaged during transport - irrespective of whether you send the tissue by post or courier. The slides should be sent in customized slide boxes and should be wrapped with tissue paper to prevent any movement. If slides or blocks move around when the box is shaken, they have not been wrapped sufficiently.

Packaging Recommendations 

Pathology Material Transfer Sheet

Pathology Material Transfer sheets can be used to send the tissue to IBCSG. It helps us to clearly identify the material and to track additional information. The Pathology Material Transfer sheet is sent to the center following the randomization of a new patient. It is also available here:

Pathology Material Transfer Forms, for:

Trial 42-12 (SNAP)
Trial 41-13 (TREND)
Trial 38-10 (TROG)
Trial 35-07 (BIG 1-07, SOLE)
Trial 30-04 (MA.27)
Trial 27-02 (BIG 1-02)
Trial 25-02 (BIG 3-02, TEXT)
Trial 24-02 (BIG 2-02, SOFT)
Trial 23-01
Trial 22-00


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