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Biobank / Translational Research 

IBCSG Biobank

The IBCSG Biobank contains formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) primary breast cancer specimens, from over 30,000 patients included in clinical trials conducted by the Group since 1981. The specimens are used for Central Pathology Review by the reference pathologist appointed for the trial, and for translational research specified in the trial protocol or proposed as future research by qualified investigators. This highly valued material is available for correlative studies that relate markers to clinical outcomes documented during the conduct and follow-up of our clinical trials – research that improves our understanding of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

IBCSG Bio Bank Policy (English)
IBCSG Bio Bank Policy (French)
IBCSG Bio Bank Policy (German)

Availability of material in IBCSG Bio Bank


Translational Research Coordination Office

Overall management of pathology and translational research projects, administration, organization and oversight, BPWG secretariat, monitoring of activities of the Central Pathology Office Milan and Biobank. Primary point of contact for sites for questions related to biological material requirements.

Biological Protocol Working Group (BPWG)

Researchers may submit sound scientific proposals to access biological material from the IBCSG Biobank. The Biological Protocol Working Group (BPWG), a panel of experts, ensures that the proposals address fundamental and relevant biological questions. Details on how to submit project proposals and a template for the letter of intent can be downloaded under ‘Research’, Letter of Intent template.

Letter of Intent for Research Proposal

Central Pathology Office (CPO)

Information concerning submission and shipment of biological material can be found under the Central Pathology Office section. The IBCSG PCO is responsible for the collection, tracking, banking, and dissemination of all FFPE pathology material. All of this, and ultimately also research using the tissue or blood samples is done under strict observation of patients’ rights and confidentiality.


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