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The IBCSG conducts translational research as defined by the Biological Protocol Working Group (BPWG). Recent reports have focused on the role of centrally-assessed estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, Ki-67, Her2, skp2, and p27 in prognosis and treatment response. These parameters, along with other clinical and pathological features, are available for merging with new tumor characteristics that may be developed and approved. The resulting databases are rich in information on tumor characteristics as well as long-term follow-up.

Researchers can apply to the IBCSG Translational Research Coordinator for the use of FFPE breast cancer specimens. The Tissue Bank Materials Availability Report provides an overview of the collected and available material for the relevant IBCSG Trials. The Biological Protocol Working Group is in charge of assessing the scientific aspects and the priority of each project.

For approved projects, the Principal Investigator of the research facility which will examine the specimens allocated for the project must sign an agreement with IBCSG on confidentiality, data and material transfer, and collaboration with the Statistical Center in correlating biomolecular findings with clinical data.

Documents to download:
Agreement on use of tissue
Application for project grant
Availability of material in IBCSG Tissue Bank
List of references of IBCSG translational research

Please address applications to:

Ms. Rosita Kammler
IBCSG Coordinating Center
Translational Research Coordinator
Effingerstrasse 40
3008 Berne
Email: rosita.kammler@ibcsg.org


The IBCSG CC will be moving. Due to the move, the office will be closed on Friday, June 3, 2016.

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