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It has been over 40 years IBCSG has been dedicated to researching ways of treating breast cancer with the aim of improving the treatment options and the quality of life of women affected by this disease.

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Welcome to IBCSG 

Since 1977, IBCSG conducts academic clinical trials in breast cancer, while respecting highest scientific and ethical standards. The patients are at the center of its considerations: the patient’s welfare and quality of life are important research topics.

IBCSG is dedicated to innovative clinical cancer research designed to improve the outcome of women with breast cancer. The goal of clinical research within IBCSG is to find answers to key questions. We wish to give our patients a longer survival, if we fail to cure, a longer symptom free period after the primary treatment and eventually to improve their quality of life.

The POSITIVE Study: pregnancy after breast cancer

Video Full version (14 min) - The POSITIVE Study: pregnancy after breast cancer
The International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG) with the collaboration and financial support of the young patient group of Southern Switzerland “Anna dai Capelli Corti” has developed a video to promote awareness about the IBCSG 48-14/BIG 8-13 POSITIVE study. The goal is to inform the scientific and patient communities about the availability of a controlled clinical study for young women with endocrine-responsive early breast cancer who wish a baby and to sensitize the health providers about the aspects unique to this population such as fertility and pregnancy.
The video sees the participation of two young breast cancer survivors, Dr. Olivia Pagani and Dr. Fedro Peccatori as breast cancer experts and POSITIVE study scientific co-chairs and Dr. Gabriella Bianchi, psycho-oncologist.


Trailer (4 min): https://youtu.be/rIPkvmQS_3g

Full version (14 min): http://bit.ly/2BeXk8w


9.9.2018 - RACE FOR LIFE, Bundesplatz Bern


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