World’s leading experts are engaged in our research, together with approximately 36'000 patients that have participated in IBCSG trials so far.

IBCSG receives project-oriented and structural grants from Swiss, American and other non-profit foundations and grant givers. IBCSG also collaborates with pharmaceutical companies with guaranteed academic independence. This collaboration allows us to generate funding for participating sites and thus enhances our ability to enroll patients into academic clinical trials.

Personal contributions are also essential to sustain the non-profit work of IBCSG.


IBCSG Annual Financial Statements:

IBCSG Annual Financial Statement 2020

IBCSG Annual Financial Statement 2019

IBCSG Annual Financial Statement 2018


Annual Reports (only in German):

IBCSG Jahresbericht 2020

IBCSG Jahresbericht 2019

IBCSG Jahresbericht 2018

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IBCSG Annual Financial Statement 2020

IBCSG Jahresbericht 2020

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International Breast
Cancer Study Group

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