IBCSG is one of the world’s leading groups in breast cancer research. IBCSG pioneers research in combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies and quality of life of breast cancer patients. The latest generation of clinical trials in the adjuvant setting addresses tailored treatment for subgroups of patients, as we also expand our research into neoadjuvant treatment, chemotherapy and immunotherapy for advanced disease. In addition to clinical trials, we conduct extensive programs in translational research, database studies, quality of life and statistical methodology. IBCSG conducts clinical trials at the highest level of knowledge in breast cancer medicine, trial methodology, data handling, and ethical principles. Formed in 1977 as the Ludwig Breast Cancer Study Group, the International Breast Cancer Study Group is a non-profit research organization dedicated to innovative clinical research to improve the prognosis of women with breast cancer. Patients and investigators from six continents (Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Asia, North and South America) cooperate by participating in extensive clinical trials in breast cancer populations.

Patients at the
Focus of our Research

The goal of clinical research within IBCSG is to give our patients a longer survival and symptom-free period after primary treatment, and to improve their quality of life. We aim to translate the results of our trials into tailored treatments for individual women depending on their age and characteristics of their cancer. We serve this purpose by also combining our clinical, molecular and pathological findings in order to contribute to the growing field of translational research.

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